Animal Science 101 Self Paced (Semester: All Ages)

    This course features an introduction to livestock animals. The course will feature animal terminology, diet, housing, behavior, genetics, husbandry, and uses. This course features self paced learning, and registration is open all year. 

    Levels Available:ES, MS, HS This course is offered on 3 different levels. One class is geared for elementary students, with more crafts and video summaries. The other is for middle schooler featuring 5-6th grade reading level sections, labs, crafts, and projects. The third option is geared for high schoolers to use as an elective or to meet the 4th science credit. The course will feature more in-depth levels, research, animal case studies, projects, career exploration, interactives, and more. 

    This course is taught by a UGA Animal Science past adjunct professor, and UGA Animal & Dairy Science major. 

    Course Length 17 Week/Unit Semester

    Tuition: $149 total

    Platform: Google Classroom

    Animal Topics: Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Game Birds & Llamas.

    Curriculum: The curriculum resources will be provided for families using a combination of 4-H, FFA, UGA Animal Science, and Holt Science curriculum. 

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