Animal Science 102 Self Paced (Semester: All Ages)

    This course features an introduction to companion animals. The course will feature animal terminology, diet, housing, behavior, genetics, husbandry, and uses. This course features self paced learning, and registration is open all year. 

    This course is taught by a UGA Animal Science past adjunct professor, and UGA Animal & Dairy Science major. 

    Course Length: 17 Week Semester

    Platform: Google Classroom

    Animal Topics: Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, & Reptiles.

    This course will also focus on veterinary medicine terms, and the career path. 

    Levels Available:ES, MS, HS 

    Elementary Level-This class is geared for elementary students with a mix of crafts, summary videos, and lots of fun assignments. 

    Middle School Level-This class will feature 5th grade reading level sections, and the opportunity for middle school students to learn how to take quick notes and diagram various types of companion animals. A mix of video summary, virtual animal tours, and interactives will be provided.

    High School Level-For our high school students this course will feature a full year of Animal Science Companion Care into a 17 unit course. Students will have a full year to complete the coursework. The class will feature case studies, research, interactives, labs, anatomy sections, medical knowledge scenerios, and more. The course can be used to meet an elective or high school 4th science requirement. 

    I offer 3 different ADS 102 to meet grade level needs. 

    Tuition: $149 total

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