Beginning Entomology (Elementary & Middle) Self Paced (9 Weeks)


    Level: Elementary and Middle School

    Length: Self paced course with 6 units to be completed over 9 weeks. 

    Platform: Google Classroom

    In this course students will learn:

    -living vs nonliving aspects

    -insect grouping

    -insect anatomy

    -insect naming systems and how to use an insect guide

    -insect life cycle

    -collection techniques

    -types of collections (box, jar, flat methods)

    -insect identification methods

    Students will also create an insect themed spiral notebook full of insect drawings, 3 part insect anatomy sections, and more. 

    Students will need to purchase or create an insect collection box, jar, and glass slides. A supply list will be provided upon registration. 

    This course will be offered for elementary and middle school students. Parents are asked to go over the lessons with the student, if in elementary school. Middle school students can follow a more independent path in Google Classroom. 

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