Elementary Chemistry Self Paced (Semester: Grades 2-5)

    Format: Self Paced 

    Length: One Semester 

    Why is chemistry important?

    Chemistry is used all around us. Doctors use chemistry to make medicine that helps us when we are sick. Engineers use chemistry to make electronics like your TV and your cell phone. Farmers use chemistry to help their crops to grow so we can have food. Even chefs use chemistry to cook delicious meals. By understanding chemistry you can better understand the world around you and how it works.

    What is matter?

    Matter is the stuff all around us: your computer, the air you breathe, your lunch, even you are made up of matter. When you study chemistry you will learn all about matter and its properties.

    Components of Matter

    Matter is composed of different building blocks.

    Atom - Matter is made up of tiny building blocks called atoms. It takes millions and millions of atoms to make even the smallest object.

    Element - Substances made up of a single type of atom are called elements.

    Compound - Compounds are made up of different types of elements.

    Mixture - A material made up of different types of compounds that do not chemically combine.

    In this course students will learn the basics of chemistry from atoms to the periodic table. 

    Unit topics:

    • atoms
    • mixture, substances, compounds
    • chemical change
    • physical change
    • chemical weathering of rocks/statues
    • periodic table
    • uses of chemicals and minerals
    • how chemistry affects our lives

    The course will feature a full semester with a weekly lesson and 5 weekly assignments. 

    The course will also feature a lab component. 

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