High School Health Self Paced (Semester: Grades 9-12)

    Format: Self Paced Google Classroom Class

    Length:  1 Semester

    Tuition: $149 total

    Grades: 9-12

    This course is designed to provide information needed to make important decisions about health, wellness, and individual lifestyle. Emphasis will be placed on the student’s acquiring knowledge and assuming responsibility for one’s own health. Goal: The overall goal of this course is for students to learn about a wide variety of health topics and be able make positive health decisions for themselves in the future based on the information that is presented to them.

    Textbook: Glencoe Health (The online version will be provided.)

    Each week students will login to the Google Classroom for the lesson and assignments. Each week will have a minimum of 5 assignments. Activities will also be provided to meet the lab component. Examples: creating a food log, heart rate exercises, creating a personal exercise routine, science sketches of body systems, making a blood platelet model, making a play-doh model of the respiratory system, making a water bottle lung, boundary mind map, KWL charts, friendship goal sheet, Say No To Drugs poster, etc.

    This course will feature 29 chapters of study. Each week students will be provided a chapter to read on their own, notecards to create, an online Quizlet page to study new vocabulary, assignments to help dig deeper into the curriculum, activities that go along with the unit, and online assessments. 

    Class info video: video link

    Note: Students will be assigned a chapter to read each week that contains 2-3 lessons. Each lesson will include 3-4 pages to read and 4-5 vocabulary words. We will make notecards on the vocabulary and practice the terms on Quizlet. Then students will be provided an online assessment link using Quizizz for tests. In addition, several lab component and activities will be provided to help with comprehension.

    Students have up to 12 months to complete the course.

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