Horticulture Self Paced (Full Year: Grades 6-12)

    Horticulture is the art of cultivating plants in gardens to produce food, using plants for herbal purposes, or for comfort/ornamental purposes. Come learn about plant anatomy, photosynthesis, plant genetics and more. This course can be used as an elective or 4th high school science credit. (Labs are included).

    Length: This course will feature a full year course with lab, broken into two semesters. $149/semester

    Class experience

    Horticulture is defined as that branch of agriculture concerned with growing plants that are used by people for food, for medicinal purposes, and for aesthetic gratification. In this flex course, students will learn the basics of horticulture with a focus on horticulture production methods. 

    Prerequisite: Middle Grade Life Science (Recommended but not required, because Life Science covers plant anatomy/parts, and general photosynthesis light needs.)


    1: General Horticulture, Plant Science Basics

    2: Careers in Horticulture, College Major Exploration

    3: Plant Life Cycle, Parts Of The Plant, Phototropism 

    4: Types Of Plants

    5: Seasonal & Ornamental Plants

    6: Asexual Plant Propagation - Leaf Cuttings, Asexual Plant Propagation Labs , Cane Cutting

    Asexual Plant Propagation,  Leaf Vein Propagation

    7: Beneficial Insects, Build Your Own Insect

    8: Earth Awareness Month Activity

    9: Exploring the Rate of Photosynthesis

    10: Plant Processes

    11: Greenhouse Production

    12: Greenhouse Management

    13: Microgreen Production

    14: Root Hormone

    15: Landscaping

    16: Specialty Plants/Production

    17: Final Exam/Practice Week

    Format: Flex learning format will be used inside Google Classroom.

    In addition, it is not required but students will be encouraged to create a mini garden in their home or outside (weather permitted). The teacher will provide an optional lesson on how to set up your own garden for students interested in learning more. Families are also encouraged to visit community greenhouses, and local gardens. 

    Please check your state requirements for science before registering. In middle school the progression is normally:

    6th Grade Earth Science

    7th Grade Life Science

    8th Grade Physical Science

    9th Grade Biology

    10-12th Environmental Science, Anatomy, Chemistry, Forensics, Physics, etc.

    This Horticulture class can be used as an elective (for middle or high school) or as a 4th high school science credit course. But please make sure you complete all of the required science before graduation. The 7th Grade Life Science class lays the foundation for which this class has over plant cells, plant structures so it is recommended highly that the student has taken Middle School Life Science before registering. 

    All students will create a spiral notebook that will house new vocabulary words, diagrams of the water cycle/plant life cycle, insect images, etc. So please make sure the student has a spiral notebook for the course, pencils, and coloring pencils. The spiral notebook will be used during the full session and hopefully it can be used as a future reference for the family too. 

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