Let's Create A Zoo Project Self Paced (6 Weeks: Grades K-8)

    Let's Create A Zoo (6 Week Course)

    In this course students will create their own personal zoo. Students will create a cardboard zoo with animals, flora/fauna, and decorations. Students will pick 20 animals to feature in their own personal zoo. In the course, the instructor will feature step-by-step directions each week on what to add to the zoo providing weekly tasks to help the project be a success. Students will create a mini zoo with measurements and animal information on paper first (with a parent's help if needed), and then plan out a physical zoo using plastic/paper/clay animals.  At the end, students will create a video featuring their zoo. The video project will allow students to dress up and feature their zoo as a Youtuber giving a zoo review, a zookeeper, a mom/dad that visited the zoo, or student touring the zoo. 

    Level: This course is available in two levels-elementary or middle school. 

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