Middle School Anatomy Live Zoom (By Request: Grades 5-8)

    Anatomy & Physiology

    Middle School Level

    Grades 5-8 

    Length: Full Year Anatomy (2 Semesters, 17 Week Semesters)

    Includes: Access to class via Google Classroom, 5 assignments each week (85 total assignments each semester), access to graded assessments via Quizizz, vocabulary practice on Quizlet, online textbook resources, and science spiral template. 

    Semester 1: $365 (12 Zooms)

    Semester 2: $365 (12 Zooms)

    Description of Class: Anatomy and Physiology is a course that will enable students to develop an 

    understanding of the relationships between the structures and functions of the human body. Students will also learn the mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis within the human body. This course will

    involve laboratory activities, projects, dissections, textbook material, models, diagrams, journal writings, and clinical studies.

    Class Approach: Lectures and activities will emphasize topics related to human anatomy and physiology.

    Students will read journals/medical articles, participate in group discussion questions, complete labs/lab reports, and complete diagrams of body systems. 

    Format: This class is offered in two ways: 1) self paced 2) live Zoom. If you would like this course offered via live Zoom then you will register on this page. Live Zoom classes are a great way for students to get access to a certified science teacher for lessons/slideshows/lab help. The class will meet once a week for 45 minutes for the weekly lesson, and then students will continue in Google Classroom the rest of the week. In Google Classroom students will find 4-5 assignments each week, practice assessments, and tests. During the live format, many times students will take live assessments via Quizizz, practice notecards with the instructor, perform labs and participate in discusssions over weekly science topics. Families can request for this session to be 1:1 or group. If the family prefers a group session then the family will be emailed when 2-3 others sign up. If we do not have enough for a group then the class will be offered the course 1:1 instead. After making a payment, families will receive an email asking for a few days of the week and times that work best to schedule the weekly Zoom. Weekly Zoom classes will meet for a session to begin the week, and then students will work in Google Classroom to finish the weekly assignments. The family will need to pace the class to finish the week's assignments before the next upcoming Zoom to keep a steady pace for the course. 


    Upon successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology students will be able to-

    1. Use appropriate terminology to discuss anatomy and physiology.

    2. Identify anatomical structures and describe the complex interrelationships between

    structure and function.

    3. Explain how body systems work together to maintain homeostasis.

    4. Propose evidence-based hypotheses to explain physiological responses or the functions of

    anatomical structures.

    Textbook: Various resources will be used in the class, but all chapters will be provided via pdf from Cengage, CK-12, Holt and Glencoe resources. 

    Additional Supplies/Resources Needed:

    Color pencils, tape,  pens, notecards, 1 spiral notebook (90 pages or larger), scissors, tape, construction paper, play-doh or clay for 3d system models, dissection tools, latex gloves, dissection tray, dissection specimens (cow eye, cow heart, and sheep brain). 

    Requirements: The student will need access to a computer and wifi, upload images of work, upload video responses using Flipgrid, and complete assignments in a timely manner. Students will have the opportunity to join a group or 1-on-1 Zoom class to meet once a week. 

    Weekly Homework: Students will have 5-6 min assignments each week. In addition to weekly assignments, labs and online interactives are part of the curriculum. 

    Anticipated Course Topics:

    Fall Semester:

    Introduction to Anatomy

    Chemical levels of organization

    Structure and function

    Tissue level of organization

    Integumentary system

    Skeletal system

    Muscular system

    Nervous system


    Endocrine system

    Cardiovascular system: Blood

    Cardiovascular system: Heart

    Lymphatic system/ Immunity/Diseases

    Lymphatic system/ Immunity/Diseases

    Respiratory system

    Digestive system

    Urinary system & Reproductive System

    Reproductive system

    This class is for middle school student specifically with the same topics as high school anatomy, but less readings and the use of material at a 5-6th grade reading level. At this age students thrive using step-by-step fun labs, with lots of artistic science sketching opportunities. Students will create their own anatomy spiral resource during the course filled with short notes, diagrams, lots of science sketches of body systems, and fun labs. 

    Tuition Info

    Curriculum $149/semester

    12 Zooms $216

    Total: $365/semester

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