Middle School Forensics Self Paced (Semester: Grades 5-8)

    Do you have a middle school student interested in forensics?

    Format: Google Classroom Self Paced

    Length: 17 Weeks (1 Semester)

    Age Level: 5-8th Grade

    Check out my self paced course which includes units over the following topics:

    ►Course Prep

    •Classroom Rules & Procedures

    •Lab Safety

    ►Intro to Forensics

    •Observation Skills

    •Deductive Reasoning

    •Eyewitness Testimony

    •The Innocence Project

    •Investigative Processes

    •Types of Evidence

    •Searching the Crime Scene

    •Photographing the Crime Scene

    •Evidence Collection & Chain of Custody

    •From Crime Scene to Court Room

    •History of Forensics

    ►Items of Interest (Evidence)

    •Fingerprint lab using a stamp pad or eyeshadow.

    -Q-Tip Skeleton

    •Hair Analysis/Genetic Activity

    •Fiber Weave Diagram

    •Blood Typing, Blood Splatter Lab, Platelet Water Bottle Lab

    •Handwriting Analysis With A Family Member


    •Arson Investigation

    -Diorama Fictional Investigation Scene

    ►The Autopsy

    •Fetal Pig Autopsy Project (optional)

    This course is very similiar to my high school curriculum but includes “age appropriate” content that is great for middle school students or homeschool cohorts that are looking to engage their 6th-8th grade students. 

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