Oceanography Self Paced (Year Long: Grades 6-12)

    The oceanography course is designed to emphasize the interconnectedness of multiple science disciplines. Students will recognize that the ocean is a dynamic system reflecting interactions among organisms, ecosystems, chemical cycles, and physical and geological processes, on land, in air, and in the oceans. Students will investigate oceanography concepts through experience in laboratories and fieldwork using the processes of inquiry.

    Format: Self Paced

    Length: Full Year (2 Semesters) $149/Semester

    Grade Level: This course has been tailored into 2 different oceanography level classes-MS and HS. 

    Oceanography Introduction-

    Module 1: The Science of Oceanography

    Module 2: Oceanography Through the Early 19th Century

    Module 3: Modern History of Marine Science

    Module 4: Life & Layers of the Ocean 

    Module 5: Bio-Inspired Ocean Exploration

    Module 6: Ocean Animals

    Module 7: Water Pollution

    Module 8: Conservation

    Curriculum: Holt Oceanography, Glencoe Marine Biology, 4-H Resources, UGA Marine Science Resources, CK-12 and Lumen Learning curriculum will be used. All chapters needed will be provided via pdf.

    This class does meet the lab requirement. A supply list will be supplied upon registeration, or request beforehand. Today you are paying for semester 1, but the payment for semester 2 will be due in 60 days.

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