Plagues & Poison Self Paced (6 Weeks: Grades 4-8)

    Plagues & Poison

    In this class students will learn about historic plagues, and methods of poison. This dark side of science will be introduced in a lighthearted way with YouTube summary videos, crafts, science experiments, and fun projects. The course can be tailored for different grade levels.

    -Learn about the Bubonic Plague.

    -Learn about the bird mask, then using the template make a mask.

    -The bird mask used to contain various types of homemade smells to help with odor. Students will create their own personal odor prevention homemade sample.

    -Identify types of poison.

    -Learn about how poison was used in the past to hurt important historical figures.

    -Create an edible black green fictional poison.

    -Identify different types of poisonous mushrooms.

    -Learn how to make a mushroom spore print.

    -Learn about poison from insect stings, reptile bites, and poisonous insects.

    6 Week Class

    Platform: Google Classroom

    Grades: 4th-8th Grade

    Model: Self Paced

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