Science Exploration Self Paced (9 Weeks: Grades K-8)

    Science Exploration 

    Courses: Elementary Science Exploration, Middle School Exploration

    This course was created to engage inquiry based learners to help show their potential using project based learning techniques. The course will feature mini units/labs over Forensics, Life Science, Earth Science, Anatomy, and Environmental Science so students can experience several types of science. 

    This course will be offered using a flex format. By using this format families can enjoy a low stress environment, that doesn't involve live sessions but a more flexible approach to learning. It will also allow our gifted learners the option of moving at their own pace during the course. 

    Parents can use the lessons to teach from at home (best for younger elementary students), or assign the student to work independently. Each week will come with mini video lessons, Youtube summary videos, science sketches to draw at home, and fun labs to try at home. 

    Length: 9 Weeks

    Sample slideshow-HERE

    Sample video-HERE

    Week 1: Earth Science

    -layers of the Earth clay/play doh project

    Week 2: Earth Science

    -create a tsunami water table

    -make a volcano cup bubble up 

    -cut out the continents and then place together as we explore plate tectonics

    -lesson on the layers, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and plate tectonics

    Week 3: Life Science

    -learn the parts of a flower

    -pollination lab

    -flower dissection

    Week 4: Anatomy

    -body systems cut out foldable project

    -in depth study into each both system

    -body system clay projects and diagrams

    Week 5: Anatomy 

    -blood platelet model

    -edible blood

    Week 6: Anatomy

    -bottle respiratory system

    Week 7: Forensics

    -learn about how investigators solve crimes using fingerprints and handwriting

    -create a handwriting analysis

    -collect a set of fingerprints

    -create your own scenario for a classmate to solve

    Week 8: Environmental Science

    -research water pollution

    -create an environmental poster

    -research the garbage patch in the ocean

    Week 9: Project Week

    During this week students pick a topic area to research, and create a poster or diorama over. We will also review this week, and a final assessment will be provided. 

    Spiral notebook information: Students will learn how to create a science journal using a spiral notebook to use in the class and future classes as a reference guide. 

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