Severe Weather Unit Study (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

Severe Weather Unit Study (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

Platform: Google Classroom

Format: Self Paced Modules or Live Zoom Option

Grades: Elementary Or Middle School Options Available

Length: 6 Weeks


Elementary Severe Weather (more craft based)

Middle School Severe Weather (grade level lessons, 4-5 assignments each week, interactive assessments, and activities)

In this fun classes students will focus on different types of severe weather. 

Week 1 Tsunami

Students will learn about the cause and damage that a tsunami can cause. The lab will consist of a miniature water table and fictional tsunami scene. 


Week 2 Hurricanes

Students will focus on the cause, damage and safety concerns from hurricanes. The labs will consist of a hurricane in a bottle, hurricane diorama, and fictional news report. 


Week 3 Tornadoes

This week will focus on the history of tornadoes with summary videos from major tornadoes that have occurred all over the world. Then students will learn about how architecture over the years have improved for our safety. Then students will create a creative writing story with a shoebox diorama to match. 


Week 4 Earthquake

This week students will focus on the cause, formation, and safety concerns. During this week students will make their own seismograph.


Week 5 Dust Storms & Black Bilizzard

Students will learn about the history of the Black Blizzard, and step back into time to complete a news report in 1939. 

Week 6 Winter Storms-Avalanches, Blizzard, Ice


Great supplement to a homeschool science program, or for students interested in weather. 


Self Paced 6 Week Course-


Live Zoom 6 Week Course-

$25/Zoom For 6 Weeks=$150

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