Space Travel Unit Study (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

Space Travel Unit Study (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

In this 6 week course students will learn about the history of space travel. Students will travel through the years of space travel to learn about rovers, shuttles, and the golden record in space. Each week will consist of mini lessons, NASA summary videos, diagrams, and new vocabulary. By week 4 students will be ready to create a fictional travel brochure and story to a nearby planet. For week 5 students will create their own solar system diorama, and then end the class Week 6 with a solar system model. Students will have access to lots of NASA resources, crafts and more. This is the perfect class for space enthusiasts!

Week 1 Space Travel History

Week 2 Learn About Rovers/Shuttles

Week 3 The Golden Record

Week 4 Space Travel Brochure

Week 5 Space Diorama

Week 6 Solar System Model

Grade Level: Elementary Space Travel, Middle School Space Travel

This class will be tailored to the student's grade level.


Self Paced ($10/Week)=$60

1:1 Zoom Option ($25/Zoom For 6 Zooms)=$150

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