SWMC Academy

For families interested in joining Mrs. Collins' microschool academy, please read below to learn more about her academy. 

Our hybrid homeschooling academic courses help students develop the knowledge, skills, and discipline they need to succeed. The hybrid model gives students and their families flexibility to manage their coursework but also provides the accountability that many students need. It frees parents to transition to a coaching rather than a teaching role, easing their relationship at home and providing a new role together.

Successful homeschoolers learn to be self-starters and excellent time managers.Students should expect their academic workload to be about 3-4 hours a day, 3-4 times a week. 

The program enrolls 7 students each year. Each student will have a set times they will meet with Mrs. Collins for instruction. The instruction will follow a hybrid model with a required 2 Zooms per week, with assignments to complete in Google Classroom. Parents can pick the best time (depending on program openings) that works for your family. If your child is a night owl, then late Zooms can be an option. If your child prefers to begin early, then an early Zoom might be best. 

Grade Levels: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade slots available

Curriculum: Students will use Google Classroom to access material. Each week will have 4-5 mini assignments to work on in each subject. Students will begin the week on Monday, and work to complete the full week by Friday night. The live Zoom time will be used to go over the weekly lesson, go over the week's assignment expectations, and help with any questions. A variety of proven curriculum will be used in Google Classroom from Holt, Glencoe and more. Any curriculum needed will be provided, the family will only need to buy common classroom supplies. If additional workbooks are needed, they will be provided.

Method: In summary Math, Language Arts, Science, and History will be covered each week using a hybrid format. Students will meet with Mrs. Collins for a 1:1 or sibling Zoom twice a week for live sessions. One day will be used for Math and Science. The second day of the week will be designated for Language Arts and History. During the Zoom a short lesson will be taught, live assessments will be given or practice tests, study skills will be taught, and then the material for the week will be reviewed. Each week students will have 4-5 assignments to complete in each subject. The weekly assignments will need to be completed before the next Zoom session to keep a steady pace. Families can pick a time that works best for Zooms.

Flexibility: If your family will be out of town or on vacation, no worries because Mrs. Collins will work around your schedule. 

Grading: Assessments will be provided using Quizizz. With Quizizz students can login when convenient, take test multiple times, and receive immediate grading. Famiies will be provided a grade template to record Quizizz grades. Nine week, semester, and year long report cards will be provided if needed. 

Students will participate and work in the following Google Classroom classes each week:




-Language Arts


-Writing Prompts

Families are encouraged to visit www.thescholarcube.com to purchase electives for each semester. All students will be provided access to Mrs. Collins typing.com class page for typing practice, if desired, during the year for no cost.

Mobymax: Mobymax is commonly used by schools to help students practice skills, meet skills by grade level and more. If you would like a Mobymax account setup for you let Mrs. Collins know. The price is $12/student. Standards can be assigned to the student by Mrs. Collins or you can let the program assigned weekly tasks to work on during the week or monthly. This program is optional and to be used as supplementation.


Step 1: Let Mrs. Collins know what two days (times/days of the week) work best for your two Zooms each week. 

Step 2: Register online to reserve a spot by paying here. If you need a payment plan, the amount can be broken up into 2 payments. 

Visit the product button in this category to purchase the core curriculum plan. 

Step 3: Let Mrs. Collins know your child's gmail address so she can manually add the student to the Google Classroom.