Anatomy/Animal Science Combination Class (Grades 7-12)

Anatomy/Animal Science Combination Class (Grades 7-12)

Anatomy/Animal Science

Length: Full Year (2 Semesters)

Grades: 7-12

This class is perfect for students who are interested in going into a medical or veterinary medicine field of study for college/career goals. The first semester will feature a full year of anatomy condensed into one semester. In the anatomy semester students will learn about each individual body system using reading sections, slideshows, Youtube video clips from medical school clips, science sketching, and labs (including dissections of a cow heart, cow eye, and sheep brain). Each week students will create notecards over new vocabulary, draw the body system, create a paper or 3d clay/play doh model, answer questions over the reading sections, research case studies, complete labs at home,  and take online assessments. My most popular class is anatomy, so for this class I will be creating a condensed format version of my most popular into a semester. 

Second semester will turn its focus to animal science. In animal science students learn more about agriculture animals. I offer Animal Science 101 (agriculture animals), and Animal Science 102 (companion animals). This second semester will take my Animal Science 101 class to offer a unique class for students who learn to learn more about animals. In this class students will learn the correct terminology, housing needs, diet, health, and behavior for cows, horses, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, and small unique farm animals (special chicken breeds, quail, and other game birds). This part of the semester will feature lots of Youtube videos from farmers so students can step onto the farm virtually to learn from farmers, hear the animals, see animal behavior in scenerios, and learn more about overall care of animals. 

Students will have a full 12 months to complete this course.  


Self Paced-Rate Of $10/Week, $180 Semester 1 + $180 Semester 2=$360

1:1 Zoom With Mrs. Collins-Rate Of $25/Zoom Session, Includes Full Year Curriculum & 36 Zooms=$900

Payment Plans Available, By Request.

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