Hello and welcome to SWMC. Please review the following frequently asked questions. 

What requirements are needed for virtual classes?

Students will need access to wifi, a computer, and headphones. Online textbooks will be provided for most core classes in pdf format. All students will need a gmail address to access Google Classroom. Additional lab supplies or workbooks needed will be emailed to parents upon registration. 

What platform do you use?

I use Google Classroom for most of my classes. GC is a program most public, private and homeschool students are familiar with. GC is very user friendly, allowing students to upload images of work using their home computer camera or the Google Classroom app. 

Do you use any interactives?

Students are provided codes to log into the following teacher pages: Quizlet, Quizizz, Nearpod, Flipgrid, and CK-12. 

What is your sequence of courses?

Elementary Science: K Science, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

Middle School Science: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science

High School Science: Biology (9th Grade), Anatomy, Environmental Science, and Forensics. Most states only require 4 science core curriculum classes. Additional options: Marine Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Agriculture, Animal Science, Pre-Vet Studies

Do you have a full catalog of classes?

Yes, please visit this LINK for a full list of all of my classes in one document. This is a great print out for charter schools to use in enrollment packets.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer sibling discounts and provide scholarships. Please email sciencewithcollins@gmail.com for more information. 

Do you have an enrollment period?

No, my classes are available all year long. I have many students sign up over the summer to get a headstart on the year. I also have students join mid-year, after deciding to homeschool. Students are welcome to join anytime. 

How does self paced work?

Self paced course can begin and end at anytime. Their progress depends on the student’s understanding of the topics and willingness to do the work.

How long will your self paced course stay active?

Self paced classes are setup with a weekly format. For example, if the class is a 9 week self paced format, this means the student will be monitored in the classroom for 9 weeks. The student will see feedback from the teacher, and will be able to comment and ask for help during the 9 week format. The class will stay active for the student up to 12 months, but it will only be monitored for the set time period. 

What are the differences between the LIVE and SELF PACED Courses?

The biggest differences between the live instruction and self-paced classes are as follows.

1.  The way the instruction is delivered:

 Live: Students meet weekly with their instructor for a 45 minute lesson, and then work in Google Classroom on independent assignments. 

Self-Paced: Students work in Google Classroom independently, without deadlines. 

2.  Pacing

Live: Students are expected to complete their weekly assignments before attending class the following week.

Self-Paced: Students can move at their own pace. Students can follow a weekly pacing template, move at a faster pace or move at a slower pace. The pace should be decided beforehand by the family. 

3.  Tuition

Live: The family purchases the Google Classroom independent weekly assignments, and pays the fee for live instruction from a certified experienced teacher. 

Self-Paced: The family purchases the Google Classroom independent curriculum. The curriculum can be used in two ways: 1)Students can use the curriculum to work independently. 2) Parents can also use the curriculum to teach students at home. 

Can a student change from self paced to live learning?

Sometimes families realize the childl's learning style needs have changed, and they would like to change from self paced to live. The option is available. Please reach out to sciencewithcollins@gmail.com and see what live class times are available and the additional fee rates.

Do you offer group or 1-on-1 live sessions?

I offer both options. My classes are provided to a variety of students. Please reach out if your child would prefer a group session. If we are unable to find a time that fits your needs for a group session, then a 1-on-1 session will be provided instead. 

Do you offer refunds?

As of 4/10/24 refunds will not be allowed. All of my classes are hand-made. Each course contains quality curriculum, lessons, assessments, labs, and resources.Carefully consideration and time are put into each class. Sadly, in this day and age many people are taking advantage of the refund minus $50 policy I previously had in place so refunds are no longer allowed. By purchasing a class on my website, you are confirming you have read this FAQ and my terms of conditions. 

Do you offer science classes for charter and private schools?

Yes, Mrs.Collins is an approved science vendor for over 48 charter schools and multiple private schools. Please search on your charter school website for the contact person to begin the process of a PO towards classes. A representative from private schools will need to reach out to Mrs. Collins for group, individual or self paced courses.