Biology For Visual Learners Self Paced (9 Weeks: Grades 7-12)

    This course introduces students to the scientific study of living organisms. Students will investigate biological concepts including Cells, DNA, Cell Processes, Heredity, Genetics, & Body Systems.

    Sample slideshow-

    Kinesthetic learning is the most intriguing of the learning styles, mingling elements of both visual and auditory learning and compelling full participation from the student. Named after kinesiology, the study of human movement, it's most commonly referred to as “hands-on” learning. This course will feature many hands-on science labs to try at home, several diagrams and clay/play-doh models to create.

    Format: The class will feature 9 units. The instructor will provide videos (YouTube and teacher created slideshows) covering biology concepts, and then students will be asked to draw various components of the lesson, recreate items using hands-on activities, and respond with summary responses. The assignments will be found on the class wall. Each assignments will be typed out by the teacher. Students will be encouraged to use a word processor tool or any apps the family commonly uses for writing tasks and practicing keyboarding skills, if you prefer. Students can use speech recognition to dictate into a word processor program also. 

    Length: This is a 9 unit class. It can be completed over a semester or full year. Students have up to 12 months to complete the course. This is a self paced course, so students can register at anytime. This course will feature a full year of science credit. 

    Optional: By request the teacher can leave voice text messages on each assignment so the student can have the assignment read to them also. Just let the teacher know if you need this. Most virtual visual learners have a parent read the assignment or help from home.

    Curriculum: All curriculum resources will be provided for students. In this course a combination of Glencoe Biology, Holt Biology, Lumen Learning, GA Virtual and CK-12 will be used.

    Estimated Weekly Topics:

    Unit 1-2 Cells

    Types of Cells

    Parts of the Cell

    Activity: Create A 3-D Animal & Plant Cell

    Unit 3 DNA

    DNA Parts

    Activity: DNA Foldable & Concept Map

    Activity: Make A Candy DNA Helix

    Unit 4 Cell Processes

    Cell Respiration


    Cell Processes

    Activity: Sponge Osmosis

    Activity: Potato Stick Osmosis

    Activity: Gummy Bear Cell Absorption Simulation

    Unit 5 Genetics/Heredity

    How Genes Are Passed

    Genetic Components

    Punnett Square

    Genetic Conditions

    Activity: Punnett Square Practice

    Unit 6-9 Body Systems



    Body Systems


    Activity: Play-Doh or Clay Neuron

    Activity: Make A Bottle Lung

    Activity: Create A Platelet Cheerios Bottle

    Activity: Make Edible Blood

    How is this course specialized for students with Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia?

    This course will involve pre recorded videos from the teacher on the 6 main biology concepts. The teacher will be using visuals, screen share during her slideshow, and talk through the learning process. Then students will be asked to draw/diagram concepts and use concept maps, instead of the usual written response and worksheets for assessments checks. The class will also involve more hands-on activities-labs to try at home, 3d models, and the use of clay/play-doh to represent diagrams. Students will be given teacher created tests, that have the option of having the text read aloud. 

    Can this course be taken by other students that do not have Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia? Yes, registration is open to all but a focus has been put to meet the needs of students with Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia. Many auditory and visual  learners will benefit from the class too. 

    This course is provided in a 9 week format. But students have up to a full 12 months to complete at their own pace. 

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