Forensics: Arson Unit Self Paced (4 Weeks: Grades 5-12)

    In this self paced course students work as arson investigators, and investigate an actual arson case using a set of steps. This four week course features:

    Week 1-arson investigation podcast

    Week 2-create your own fictional arson story (story, and popsicle stick model)

    Week 3-burn your own model, and create an investigation

    Week 4-create a video response reporting on the arson that occurred

    Format: Google Classroom Self Paced

    Level: Middle & High School

    This unique class is a great elective for students interested in forensics as a career. In this course students will create a fictional story, after listening to an arson podcast for ideas. Then the student will act as an arson investigator. The investigator will look into the time it took for the popsicle fictional arson house to burn, and what started the fire (where). 

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