Hands-On Science Exploration (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

Hands-On Science Exploration (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

This science course was created to engage learners to help show their potential using project based learning. The course will feature mini units/labs over Forensics, Life Science, Earth Science, Anatomy, and Environmental Science so students can experience several types of science. This course will feature lots of hands-on activities so get ready to have fun. 

Self Paced Class Experience-

This course will be offered using a flex format. By using this format families can enjoy a low stress environment, that doesn't involve live sessions but a more flexible approach to learning. It will also allow students the option of moving at their own pace during the course. Students will have up to 12 months to complete the 6 week course. Each week will be designated to a theme. The week will involve slides or mini videos on the topics. Then activities to try to help with comprehension skills. Along the way students will be encouraged to write key facts in their spiral notebook, draw various science diagrams, label components of topics, and demonstrate their understanding in various ways on paper, video or through Quizizz interactive fun assessment methods. 

Live Zoom Class Experience-

This course will also be offered using a live Zoom format. The class will include the above curriculum information (see Self Paced Experience) and 6 live Zooms. The family can pick the dates needed. Live Zoom classes help students have a teacher buddy to perform labs, ask questions, take live assessments, and follow a steady weekly pace with weekly deadlines. 

Week 1: Earth Science

-layers of the Earth clay/play doh project

-create a tsunami water table

-make a volcano cup bubble up 

-cut out the continents and then place together as we explore plate tectonics

-lesson on the layers, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and plate tectonics

Week 2: Life Science

-learn the parts of a flower

-pollination lab

-flower dissection

Week 3-4: Anatomy

-body systems cut out foldable project

-in depth study into each both system

-body system clay projects and diagrams

Week 5: Forensics

-learn about how investigators solve crimes using fingerprints and handwriting

-create a handwriting analysis

-collect a set of fingerprints

-create your own scenario for a classmate to solve

Week 6: Environmental Science

-research water pollution

-create an environmental poster

-research the garbage patch in the ocean

Goals for science units include the following process and concept goals in addition to essential understandings of specific content areas:

1) To understand the concept of systems or change

2) To understand and apply the basic principles of experimental design and investigation

3) To develop reasoning skills with real-world applications to science.

Projects: Students will learn how to create a science journal using a spiral notebook to use in the class and future classes as a reference guide. Each student will pick a topic to research further, with teacher assistance to complete during the six week class period. 


6 Week Self Paced


6 Week Live Zoom


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