Lego Science Cycles Self Paced (4 Week: Grades K-5)

    In this course students work at a self paced level with mini lessons over topics. Then students will use the knowledge to create their own lego science cycle to upload an image of. This is a great program for students interested in science and legos. 

    Grades: Pre K-5th

    Students will be presented mini lessons, related Youtube videos on topics, sound clips on rain/insects, and then the student can use their own abilities to make a lego creation. Additional craft ideas will also be provided.  

    Week 1 Water Cycle

    Week 2 Rock Cycle

    Week 3 Nitrogen Cycle

    Week 4 Insect Life Cycle

    Families will be provided mini lessons, crafts, and the steps/labels to print off for the lego cycle. 

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