Living Environment Self Paced (Year Long: Grades 8-12)

    Model: Self Paced

    Grade Level: 8-12

    Platform: Self Paced

    Length: One Full Year (2 Semesters), $149/semester

    Living Environment Course


    Regents Biology is a core-based course which ends in a NYS Regents Living Environment Examination. The curriculum requires a minimum of 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experiences with satisfactory lab reports are required above and beyond the class curriculum. 

    The Living Environment Core Curriculum is expected to prepare students to understand and apply scientific concept principles and theories pertaining to the living environment and recognize the historical development of ideas in science. To attain this, the core addresses seven key ideas: similarity and differences among living and non-living things; inheritance of genetic information; changes of species and organisms over time; the continuity of life; dynamic equilibrium that sustains life; interdependence of plants and animals and their environment.

    Textbook : Life Science/Glencoe Science © 2008 McGraw-Hill Education, CK-12 Flexbooks. All curriculum will be provided to the student via pdf format. 

    Course Outline:

    2 Semesters

    Unit 1 Science & Living Environment

    Unit 2 Characteristics Of Living Things

    Unit 3 Homeostasis

    Unit 4 Reproduction

    Unit 5 Genetics

    Unit 6 Changes

    Unit 7 Ecology

    Unit 8 Labs

    Please check out the following Living Environment outline HERE.

    The first semester is $149, the second semester amount is due 60 days later.

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