Rock Collection Course (6 Weeks: All Ages)

Rock Collection Course (6 Weeks: All Ages)

This class was created for rock collection fans. In this course students will work through modules in Google Classroom as students:

-learn the 3 main types of rocks

-discover how rocks can change (rock weathering) 

-demonstrate the rock cycle using Starburst candy pieces

-create a miniature rock collection 

-identify types of rocks

-explore various types of rocks in their personal area or region

-learn the difference between rocks and minerals

-discover the uses of minerals in our daily life

Students will need a rock collection box or students can create their own handmade box for the class. 

The course will last 6 weeks, and during this time students will complete mini lessons on different types of rocks and where they are found. Along the journey, students will be collecting rocks to show the last week of the session in a collection. 

This course has three options of classes: elementary, middle and high school. After registeration I will reach out to see what grade level you need. 


Self Paced 6 Week Course-


Live Zoom 6 Week Course-

$25/Zoom For 6 Weeks=$150

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