Self Paced vs Live Zoom

Self Paced Or Asynchronous Learning

With self paced learning students log into Google Classroom when its convenient and work on the class assignments. Each week will have a combination of summary videos, lessons, slideshows, vocabulary, online chapters to read, worksheets, interactives, crafts, diagrams, and/or labs to try at home. Students are encouraged to login on Mondays, and try to finish the weekly tasks by Friday. Each week will have 5-7 mini assignments that will take around 15-25 minutes each. 

Students will upload sample images of their work using their home computer or the Google Classroom app. In addition, the instructor also using Flipgrid. Flipgrid is an online video response system, allowing students to upload a video response showing labs or projects. 

Assessments will be completed on the teachers' Quizizz platform. When the student is ready, a code will be provided to take the online assessment. After the assessment the test will be graded immediately, with a score provided for families. Students can retake any assessments as many times as needed. 

Click HERE for a self paced example. 

Self Paced ProsSelf Paced Cons
-Provides a low stress, no deadline educational atmosphere.-Will require more parent involvement. Virtual parents are asked to check the class wall once a week. 
-Provides students the opportunity to work at a faster or slower paced depending on their personal educational needs.-Will involve more time management so that the student will complete the weekly tasks. 
-Allows students the ability to complete multiple courses at the same time or over the summer. -Will involve more independent reading and assignments. 
-Great for co-ops, charter schools, and private schools too.

Live Zoom Learning Or Hybrid Virtual Programs

With our live Zoom program, families sign up for a group or 1-on-1 session. Upon registration, parents will be notified on the possible group or 1-on-1 times available. Hybrid classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. During the session a slideshow or teacher lesson is provided (dry erase, slideshow or whiteboard). Students will also take live assessments on Quizizz during the set time period. The instructor will also go over the weekly assignments in Google Classroom and help with any questions during the live session. 

What are the dates for live group Zooms? After a family registers you will be provided a list of several group Zoom times, if you do not find a Zoom time that works for your schedule then the instructor will provide a 1-on-1 Zoom each week. 

Zoom ProsZoom Cons
-Students will have the opportunity to meet with a live certified teacher for instruction. -Families can join group or 1-on-1 sessions. A set time will need to be decided on, so less flexibility. 
-This method provides more support and encouragement with weekly deadlines. -The student will have weekly deadlines. The parent and teacher will work together as partners with the teacher providing the lessons, and the parent making sure the assignments are completed before the next week's Zoom.
-Allows sibling groups, co-ops, or friend groups to take a class together.