Tutoring (All Ages By Request)

    Mrs. Collins has over 14 years of experience as a tutoring, and experience as a study skills coach/student organizer. 


    Available in the following areas-

    Science-all ages

    Language Arts-all ages

    History-all ages

    Reading-all ages

    Families will reach out with the material, unit or topic remediation is needed on. This will allow Mrs. Collins a chance to gather all of her resources to find a successful solution. Together the student and Mrs. Collins will work 1-on-1 on the lesson using various online interactives (Quizizz, Quizlet, Flocabulary, Study Jams), and along the way the student will learn various study skills for now and future class help. 

    The rate for tutoring is $32/for a 45 minute session. 

    Study Skill Coaching:

    For study skill coaching students will be provided various methods to help with class success. These methods will be shown, and then the student will recreate on the Zoom for practice. These methods may include note-taking skills, creating notecards, using Jamboard for organization/checklist, creating interactive notebooks, and taking advantage of various interactive websites for additional practice. 

    The rate for study skills coaching is $32/for a 45 minute session.

    Student Organizer:

    The lack of student organization can affect the studetn's success in the classroom. During these sessions students will learn how to organize their binder effectively, create notecards, use electronic note/vocabulary practice techniques, use Jamboard for scheduling checklists and more. 

    The rate for student organization coaching is $32/for a 45 minute session. 

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