Water Cycle Unit Study Self Paced (6 Weeks: Grades 2-8)

    Platform: Self Paced Google Classroom

    2 Courses Available: Elementary Water Cycle, Middle School Water Cycle

    In this self paced course, student will work on the parts of the water cycle each week. 

    Week 1 What Is The Water Cycle

    Week 2 Precipitation

    Week 3 Condensation

    Week 4 Evaporation

    Week 5 Runoff/Transfer/Transpiration

    Week 6 Severe Weather

    Each week will consist of a short lesson, summary videos, crafts, and labs to try at home. 

    Labs: water cycle diorama, shaving cream clouds, evaporation jar, ziploc bag evaporation experiment, plant leaf transpiration, and more. 

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