Wildlife Rehabilitation Self Paced (6 Weeks: Grades 2-12)

    Courses Available: Elementary Wildlife Rehab, Middle School Rehab, & High School Rehab

    This course features an introduction course to wildlife rehabilitation. Each week will provided 5-7 mini assignments, crafts, case studies or diagrams to draw.

    This course is taught by a certified wildlife rehabilitator. 

    Course Length: 6 Weeks

    Platform: Google Classroom

    Animal Topics: Squirrel/Turtle/Fawn/Possum/Bird/Raccoon/Owls/Rabbit Care, Rehabilitation Methods, Diet Needs

    This class has 3 sections, one for each grade level. So please verify when registering the grade level needed so your child will be placed in the correct class. The elementary class will feature more crafts/drawing opportunities. The middle school class will feature more care, housing, and drawing. The high school level course will feature the guide to becoming a wildlife rehabber, and more discussion based questions/scenerios. 

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