You-ology Puberty & Hygiene Self Paced (6 Weeks: Grades 5-9)

    This unique class teaches students about puberty, hygiene and more from an anatomy teacher standpoint. 


    correct body terminology

    body changes



    facial care

    basic hygiene


    "say no to drugs" campaign

    healthy foods


    Students will need the following supplies to go along with the lessons: spiral notebook, markers/coloring pencils, tape, construction paper, computer paper, gluestick, dry coffee grounds, q-tips, cottonballs, washcloth, dial yellow gold soap, and antiperspirant deodorant.

    During the class students will use the spiral notebook to draw body sketches that will be labeled with the correct terminology, make journal entries, add lab notes, practice new vocabulary and more. 

    This course will serve as an introduction to puberty course open to all ages. The course will not be used to teach sex education or sexual contraceptives. Those topics are best taught by a parent. 

    The course will have 6 units ot study, students can work at a fast pace and complete in 6 weeks or work at a slower pace to complete in a semester (17 weeks).

    Recommended textbook: You-ology Puberty & Hygiene

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